aluminium profile low table only in customized sizes

numbered pieces
Jaipur Garden
trapezoidal consolle 102x42x43cm
brass and burnished steel
Consolle XYZ
triangular consolle 90x31x73cm
burnished steel and brushed copper
Consolle Triangolare XYZ
small triangular table 45x50x43cm
supermirror and sandblast steel
Tavolino Triangolare XYZ
trapezoidal coffee table 91x80x43cm
supermirror and sandblasted steel
Coffee Table Trapezoidale XYZ
small trapezoidal table 45x50x43cm
supermirror and sandblasted steel
Tavolino Trapezoidale XYZ
Installation - shelves 45x22x25cm
supermirror and satin finish steel
Mensole XYZ